What is WaveJet

The WaveJet System includes a watercraft of your choice, a WaveJet Power Pod, a Wrist Controller and a Charging Station.

Powered boards had been around since the 60s but had always been too heavy for any kind of real performance. WaveJet believed they had a better solution and began experimenting with lightweight propulsion in ordinary surfboards.

After continued experimenting and refining the technology WaveJet received a third patent in 2011 and WaveJet currently has numerous new patents in the works.

Since then, WaveJet has been tested by top surfers, industry leaders and Lifeguard Organizations nationwide and has gotten rave reviews. WaveJet launched in SUP’s, surfboards and bodyboards in 2012 and then kayaks in 2013, and other products are in the lineup.

WaveJet Propulsion has revolutionized Personal Watercrafts of all kinds.

The Interchangeable WaveJet System

WaveJet is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind Personal Water Propulsion system that will change the way you interact with water.

WaveJet Boards

Your Choice of Watercraft

Each WaveJet-Ready Watercraft is built to accept a WaveJet Power Pod. Choose from traditional surfboards, SUP’s, Fishing SUP’s, Rescue Boards and now kayaks and custom boards. If purchased as a system you will receive a WaveJet Power Pod, a Seatooth®-enabled Wrist Controller and a Charging Station.


Power Pod

The Power Pod’s clean, quiet, battery-powered miniature jet drive has two lightweight aluminum impellers that produce up to 20lbs of thrust. The WaveJet Pod may be purchased with a WaveJet-Ready Kayak or Board, as part of a system, or on its own so that you have additional power when needed. Ride it all day and simply plug it into any household outlet to recharge in approximately 3-4 hours.


Wrist Controller

The command center for the WaveJet System. Powered by innovative Seatooth® Technology, this wristband controls the twin jets of the pod and monitors its charge level. It also has an out of range feature that shuts the jets down when the surfboard is further than a leash length away (approximately 10 feet).



The WaveJet Charging Station is a lithium ion fast charger, which takes approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge a WaveJet Pod. The charger is a standard CV/CC charger (constant voltage/constant current) which plugs into a standard wall or car outlet and is housed in a durable watertight case. It also includes a cradle that stores and charges your Seatooth® Wrist Controller in 90 minutes.