Pau Hana Big EZ 11'0" (Full System)

Pau Hana Big EZ 11'0" (Full System)

Pau Hana Big EZ 11'0" (Full System)



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Product Description

The Big EZ is designed for absolute stability for riders big and small in all types of water. The Big EZ is tough and durable and remains stable in all types of water conditions, which results in a positive experience from the first ride to the last. Because the board is so versatile, ocean paddling, surfing, river running, cruising, yoga, and fishing, there is always a reason to keep it around. It can be ridden single or tandem, with a pet or child, in the ocean, lake, river, bay, or marina. 

  • Stable for riders big and small
  • Easy to navigate and maneuver in any type of water
  • Tough and durable to last through the years
  • A great board for both beginners and experienced riders
  • Brushed deck pad for a comfortable grip

Product Information

Product Type WaveJet Complete Systems
MSRP Price (excl. tax) $4,199.99
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