8'8" Salmon Kayak (Full System)

8'8" Salmon Kayak (Full System)

8'8" Salmon Kayak (Full System)



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Product Description

Go beyond your limits with WaveJet Kayaks!

Developed in collaboration with Coastal Kayaks, the WaveJet Sit-on-Top Kayaks are the first of these type of kayaks to incorporate WaveJet technology.  At the touch of a button, WaveJet propulsion technology provides 20 lbs of thrust which enables you to paddle even further and explore more distant locations, or simply hit the button and take a rest when you need it, without losing momentum.

The quiet electric jet drive and 4 inch draft enables you to navigate the shallowest waters making it perfect for exploring remote spots with difficult access.

System includes a WaveJet Ready Sit-on-Top Kayak, WaveJet Power Pod, WaveJet Wrist Controller, and a WaveJet Charging Station.

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Product Type WaveJet Complete Systems
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