Salmon Rescue Kayak (Full System)

Salmon Rescue Kayak (Full System)

Salmon Rescue Kayak (Full System)



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Product Description

Go beyond your limits with WaveJet Kayaks!

Developed in collaboration with Coastal Kayaks, the WaveJet Sit-on-Top Kayaks are the first of these type of kayaks to incorporate WaveJet technology.  At the touch of a button, WaveJet propulsion technology provides 20 lbs of thrust which enables you to paddle further and and get to your destination quicker.

The quiet electric jet drive allows you to keep momentum whilst applying aid at the same time if necessary.

System includes a WaveJet Ready Sit-on-Top Kayak, WaveJet Power Pod, WaveJet Wrist Controller, and a WaveJet Charging Station.

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Product Type WaveJet Complete Systems
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