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The power of the pod is less than 15HP so it falls outside of regulations set out by most Maratime Safety Authorities internationally (for small personal watercraft.) The onus of responsibility however rests on the user to ensure that the maximum speed of the craft is less than that of the prescribed limit in the area the craft will be operating. The pods are also powered by internally sealed batteries which means they are non-polluting to the environment and can therefore be used in waters that are restricted from using conventional internal combustion power.

Yes, all WaveJet Power Pods are modular and are fully interchangeable and able to fit any WaveJet Ready Board or WaveJet Ready Kayak as One Size Fits All.

Additional WaveJet ready boards and kayaks are viewable in the catalogue and potential customers can have their own custom design boards built by their favourite shaper by purchasing a Tech Suite & Fitment Ring assembly Kit from Wavejet which can easily be incorporated into the custom built board.

With the purchase of a WaveJet System you will receive the following: your WaveJet Ready Kayak or Board, your WaveJet Power Pod, your Wireless Wrist Controller, your WaveJet Charging Station, your WaveJet toolkit, your WaveJet Owner’s Manual.

The boards weights are typical of any high quality EPS moulded construction. The WaveJet Power Pod adds about 17 Pounds (7.8 kg) to the weight of the board. The pod cavity is ergonomically placed in board in such a way that the pod is situated almost directly underfoot which serves to distribute the extra weight evenly without detracting from the performance of the board.

The WaveJet system is recommended for users at least twelve years of age. This is our recommendation only and the User needs to check with the local authorities whether any age restriction pertains to the use of watercraft by minor be it powered or non powered.

Unfortunately, due to IATA regulations, the lithium ion batteries used in the WaveJet Power Pod are too large to be transported on a passenger airplane. You are able to transport the the Pod by Air Cargo but the Pod will be classified as “Dangerous Goods”under UN ID3480 “Lithium Ion Batteries” Class 9, Packaging II which will cost more than normal Air Cargo rates.

With every purchase of a WaveJet system, you receive a one year warranty on the WaveJet Power Pod, Wrist Controller, and Charger governed by the WaveJet Limited Warranty.


When placing your order, we will contact you and give you a quote which will include all shipping costs and taxes. Shipping charges will be added the Wavejet Invoice as a separate line item.

Yes. Freight Charges can be paid for by the Buyer or arranged by Wavejet with the costs added to the Invoice. Additional charges such as Import duty, Vat, Local taxes and all other costs associated with the clearing and delivery of the consignment will be for the account of the Buyer.


A minimum of 400 to 800 cycles, but potentially far greater depending on the use and how the batteries are maintained. Regular charging is the key to battery life. 400 to 800 cycles equals about 3 to 4 years usage based on feedback we have compiled since Wavejet was launched in 2012. The NG (Next Generation) Power Pod will be serviceable which means that the Lithium Ion batteries can be replaced.

The WaveJet system provides up to 45 minutes of continuous run time on a single charge. It all depends on how you choose to use the assistance provided by the WaveJet system.

From completely drained to fully charged it will take approximately 3.5 hours to charge your Power Pod.

The WaveJet charger is rated at 110v to 240v.

The WaveJet Power Pod is powered by a “Seatooth” Wireless Wrist Controller which allows the user to turn the Wavejet On and Off whenever you please by means of a simple switch. The Wrist Controller also has an automatic dismount function that will disengage the motors if the rider falls off the board and is separated by a distance of 10 feet

The Pod should be charged at least once a month for at least 6 hours and the Wrist Controller at least once every 6 weeks with a 30 minute charge. The User Manual explains the full procedure in detail.

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